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FreeRidesUSA would not exist without the generous support of our Clearwater Beach area partners and sponsors who understand the value of marketing and advertising. Our free transportation service for visitors to the area and residents serves as a mobile billboard for brand-boosting visibility throughout our community which is an invaluable marketing tool.

Each of our vibrant vans is colorfully wrapped with our sponsors’ logos, so while we’re safely delivering visitors and locals to area businesses, pedestrians and other drivers can’t miss the vivid business advertisements featuring our community partners.

Our clients receive complimentary transportation to and from local businesses, and our area sponsors receive a unique marketing opportunity with our mobile billboards that positively reinforces their brand visibility. Couple that with the distribution of valuable information, coupons and discounts through FreeRidesUSA, and it’s a WIN-WIN!


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Increase Foot Traffic to Your Business

When visitors and locals are able to save on transportation expenses, they have more money and credit available to shop, dine and play at Clearwater Beach retail shops, hotels, restaurants and entertainment attractions. Our mobile concierge drivers are trained to know the area well, and help steer visitors and locals to area businesses to promote the community and boost the economy. By advertising and supporting FreeRidesUSA, your business gets extra exposure and foot traffic from members of the community and visitors to Clearwater Beach.

Since they don’t have extra exorbitant transportation expenses, thanks to FreeRidesUSA, our customers have more money to spend in the community, and businesses benefit from the additional revenue when customers have more to spend. It’s another WIN-WIN!



We are a Trusted Local Guide

Our dependable transportation service in Clearwater Beach has been providing free rides for locals and visitors for ten years, and mobile concierge drivers live, work and play here, so they are very experienced and knowledgeable about the areas we serve and their most popular attractions.

Our drivers have a keen understanding of the importance of establishing and bridging customer and community relations, and they do so by promoting the best Clearwater Beach restaurants, retail shops, fishing excursions, and entertainment venues in fun and enjoyable ways that exceed the expectations of visitors and locals alike!



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FreeRidesUSA is your one stop shop for affordable, effective marketing on Clearwater Beach. We not only drive our customers straight to your door, but we drive successful marketing efforts to reach more people for less.

By investing only $400/month into advertising with FreeRidesUSA, we go the extra mile to promote your business by:

  • Handing your brochure or flyer directly to each customer
  • Featuring your business on mobile TV screens in each van of our fleet
  • Offering personal recommendations from our drivers to each customer
  • Driving our customers directly to your door
  • Displaying your brand on our airport shuttle vans to 1,000’s of visitors to Tampa Bay
  • Posting about your business weekly on our Facebook and Instagram sites and 100K+ followers
  • Boosting your reputation when you share FreeRidesUSA and our complimentary local transportation and low-cost airport shuttles with guests,

Join Shephard’s Palm Resort; Palm Pavillion, Beachcomber’s, Bobby’s Bistro, Tropics Boat Tours, Ryan’s Island Café and many others who agree, FreeRidesUSA is the BEST way to advertise on Clearwater Beach!




Advertise Your Business

We welcome inquiries from Clearwater Beach business owners who are interested in a unique advertising opportunity with FreeRidesUSA. Reach out to us using the contact information below or complete the form, and one of our agents will be in touch to discuss the possibilities!



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